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Transformation: The Universal Wisdom Practices

A system of beautiful healing practices were passed down through a sacred Tibetan lineage and transmitted to me by my loving teacher, Yuan Miao. This system is a combination of mudras (hand gestures that work with accupressure points), mantras (the chanting of sacred sounds), and the visualization of colors - along with breathing, movement, and meditation - to balance the body's energies and promote health.

My teaching combines these practical Tibetan techniques with an approach derived from my 25 years work as a psychotherapist, offering a path to personal transformation.

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Embark on a path of transformation.
Learn to open your central channel to the universal energy source.
Create the opportunity for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.
Feel relaxed, centered, energized, clear, and balanced.
Cultivate outer peace through inner peace.
Reclaim a life of joy and spontaneity.
Enhance your creativity.

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